A Path to answer all the questions of family, relationships and society.
The journey to your Heart


Way of Earth & The

Great Wheel of Life

From the first sunrise, all that live on this Earth had a path to walk. A path that was clear and fulfilling to the body mind and spirit. As human beings changed the way we lived and separated ourselves from this path we became confused holding onto the fragments left by our ancestors seeking to create our place in this world. As peoples traditions and beliefs melded into the melting pot of human society we find the search for the path that honors us more difficult to find. Every traditional society in its own natural way followed the great wheel of life. A path handed down through the teaching of stories and songs.

Standing Bear offers a way for you to understand your natural ancestral path so that you will find your path the path that honors you. In learning how to interpret the Wheel of life you will begin to see how this cycle relates to your life and how you can heal the path you walk. Learn how to heal and bring your family and relationships closer together. Find your natural gifts and expand your understanding of life and spirit. Most feel that the story of their life has been written for them by seeing how you fit into the great wheel of life you become the author of your story, learning how  to answer all the questions of your heart.

Everything that lives in this world is a part of the Great wheel of life, as we human beings have chosen to see ourselves a separate from the world around us we have limited our ability to know the direction we are to walk. With Global warming and other natural consequences of how we have chosen t live our lives it has become critical to know how to live in this world. The pressures upon households and families have turned the loving and supportive family into an endangered species. Not only do we have an unstable society due to financial pressures but due to this pressure we now have a much larger societal problem. Alcohol and drug abuse are on the increase as well as domestic violence, depression and many other addictive emotional outlets none of them beneficial to us or our society.

In learning to understand the natural progression our society and its peoples have taken, this empowers us to change it in a good way not only for ourselves but our families and people too.

 The wheel of life is a two hour workshop that can a will change your life and your family’s for the better.

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